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Dr Faisal Ameer

Nothing short of a miracle: UAE surgery helps war veteran walk again after 23 years

In a stunning real-life miracle, a disabled Sudanese war veteran has begun to walk again after 23 years.
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Surgery saves boy's limb from amputation

Doctors use 3D printing technology to carry out the complex surgical procedure
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Meet the medical team that sang Baby Shark to calm a toddler during surgery

The 16-month-old needed to be distracted to undergo a procedure under local anaesthesia
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First-ever 3-D printed Titanium bone surgery saves Nigerian boy's foot from amputation in Ajman

It was then the team of doctors led by Dr Faisal Ameer, Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Thumbay University Hospital…
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Doctor saves glue-burnt face with rare surgery

In a rare case of reconstructive surgery, a UAE-based plastic surgeon was able to save the face of a 24-year-old Indian expat who sustained third-degree burns in an accident at his workplace.
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UAE doctor removes a golf ball-sized tumour, ending patient's 3-year struggle with nasal breathing

On seeking opinion from an ENT and maxillofacial surgeons, Jamal was told that a long incision on the face would be needed, leading to scarring
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Top Healthcare Icons 2023

Top Healthcare Icons 2023 UAE Healthcare Icons Illuminate the Path to Wellness
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