Buccal Fat Removal: Sculpting Your Facial Contours


Procedure at a glance


Meet with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and determine if buccal fat reduction is suitable for you.

Pre-operative preparation

Prepare for the procedure by following any pre-surgery instructions provided by your surgeon, which may include avoiding certain medications etc.


Under anesthesia, the surgeon makes small incisions inside the mouth, removes a portion of the buccal fat pad, and reshapes it to achieve the desired contour.


Follow post-operative care instructions, which typically include pain management, dietary restrictions, and avoiding strenuous activities. Swelling and bruising are common initially but should subside over time, revealing the final results.


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on buccal fat removal, a cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve sculpted and defined facial contours. Buccal fat removal, also known as cheek reduction surgery, targets the buccal fat pads in the lower cheeks to create a slimmer and more contoured appearance. In this article, we will explore the details of buccal fat removal, its benefits, techniques.

Understanding Buccal Fat Removal

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the volume of the buccal fat pads located in the lower cheeks. These fat pads contribute to the fullness of the cheeks and can create a rounded or chubby appearance, even in individuals who are otherwise slim. Buccal fat removal aims to sculpt the facial contours by selectively removing a portion of the buccal fat pads, resulting in a more defined cheekbone area and a slimmer facial profile.

How Does Buccal Fat Removal Work?

During a buccal fat removal procedure, a skilled plastic surgeon creates small incisions on the inside of the mouth, near the lower cheeks. Through these incisions, the surgeon carefully locates and removes a portion of the buccal fat pads. The amount of fat removed depends on the individual’s specific goals and facial anatomy. Once the desired amount of fat has been excised, the incisions are closed, leaving no visible external scars. The result is a more sculpted and contoured facial appearance.

The Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal offers several benefits for individuals seeking a slimmer and more defined facial profile:

  1. Facial Contouring: By reducing the volume of the buccal fat pads, buccal fat removal creates more pronounced cheekbones and a more chiseled facial contour.

  2. Slimmer Facial Appearance: Individuals with naturally fuller or rounder cheeks can achieve a slimmer and more proportionate facial appearance through buccal fat removal.

  3. Improved Definition: Buccal fat removal enhances the definition of the jawline and cheekbones, creating a more sculpted and aesthetically pleasing facial structure.

  4. Minimal Downtime: The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis, and the recovery time is relatively short, allowing individuals to return to their daily activities with minimal disruption.


When it comes to buccal fat removal in Dubai, Dr. Faisal Ameer is a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon known for his expertise in facial contouring procedures. Dr. Ameer understands the importance of maintaining natural facial harmony and customizes each buccal fat removal procedure to achieve the desired outcome while preserving the overall balance of the face. With his precise techniques and artistic approach, Dr. Ameer has helped numerous patients achieve their aesthetic goals through buccal fat removal.


In conclusion, buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure that can help you achieve sculpted and defined facial contours by reducing the volume of the buccal fat pads. Through the expertise of Dr. Faisal Ameer, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Dubai, you can attain a slimmer and more contoured facial appearance, enhancing your overall aesthetic appeal.

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